Chapman family supports Lotus – Renault oppose the re-use

Posted on 03 April 2019

AP Colin – Chapman family supports Lotus Automotive Group (Group Lotus) Construction of the acquisition of Lotus Renault – Renault GP (Lotus Renault GP Team), and they would not want to “Team Lotus” this name back to F1. In other words, do not want Fernandes entry with this name in 2011.

Lotus – Renault GP (Lotus Renault GP Team) and the Lotus team (Team Lotus) between the continuing dispute over the name. Lotus founder Colin Brand – Chapman (Colin Chapman), son of Clive – Chapman (Clive Chapman) recently published his first views on the matter.

Thursday, in a paper prepared by Clive – Chapman Family statement on behalf of Chapman. Clive said he was CEO of Lotus Group, Danny – Bach (Dany Bahar) expressed full support of the plan.

While before when Fernandez reached an agreement with Group Lotus, Lotus Group, Fernandez agreed to use the “Lotus” The name, expressed his wishes for Malaysian businessmen, but that is the past. Now situation is totally different, because the agreement has been terminated.

”Chapman Family of Group Lotus exciting ongoing development projects is impressive. Very grateful to Proton Group Lotus factory craftsmen to ensure a strong future, made significant investments.” Clive said in a statement he said that.

”In 2010, Chapman family and the classic Lotus team (Team Lotus) is very pleased to be given in many ways, the Lotus Group (Group Lotus) support. This includes the Proton through consultation with and support the use of the F1? Lotus “name “Lotus” all the trademarks of Group Lotus. “

”For the Chapman family (Fernandez) Team Lotus (Lotus Racing) as a new team was impressed by the achievements and grateful for his Lotus team (Team Lotus) the respect of history. However, as he used” Lotus “name of the licensing end of things has changed.”

Fernandez and the cooperation of the Lotus Group, only less than a year to maintain. Fernandez accused the Lotus Group, “continued flagrant violation of agreement” to terminate the cooperation. But this year, Sept. 24, Tony – Fernandez also announced that from David – Hunter (David Hunt) purchased the hands of the “Team Lotus” of trademark rights, and decided to use the name of the 2011 competition.

In 1994, when the legendary Lotus F1 team after the stop participating, David – Hunt purchased the “Team Lotus” of the trademark.

Although the use of Fernandez 2011 “Team Lotus” Entry is completely legal. But Clive – Chapman said Chapman family does not want to “Team Lotus” to return to F1. “Chapman Family who in 2010 made it clear that, do not want to ‘Team Lotus’ use of name in F1.” Clive said.

Classic Team Lotus in 1963 and 1978, won six world champion and seven manufacturers championship, 102 pole positions, 73 race wins.

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