108 qualifying points leader Fernando Alonso satisfied

Posted on 26 June 2019

Alonso Ferrari immediate access to the erection of “boss” status.

AP Ferrari Fernando – Alonso’s 19 games in the 2010 race season, there are among the 15 qualifying teammate Felipe – Massa, before it is in the drivers championship wide lead of 108 Brazilian points. In an interview with Italian radio station Onda Cero’s interview with the teammates Alonso said the gap this season to his satisfaction, which shows that he is still at its best.

“This is probably my teammates has been the biggest difference between, I said to myself over the past few years the results obtained are happy.” Alonso said, “My standard of driving better than ever, I hope I can maintain this status next season. ”

The former world champion said he has disappointment in Abu Dhabi behind the current Ferrari only consider the time of the first season’s success.

“In the first few days, you always think about competition.” Alonso talked about results of the competition in Abu Dhabi, said, “then you begin to pay attention to the next goal, anyway, I went to Ferrari’s first season The harmony is unparalleled. ”

“In the 2009 season, I just mounted the podium once, Ferrari only an ordinary car, not too competitive. In the 2010 season, our performance in the opener to a very strong and we won 5 race winner, we received a lot of points. ”

“In the Ferrari inside this great family, nothing better than expected. For me, this is a pleasant season.”


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