Shanghai F1 Circuit F1 Chinese station introduced

Posted on 26 June 2019

“On”-shaped track of the car starting grid position region is the main grandstand at the Shanghai International Circuit, the diamond areas and between regions fleet maintenance, after participating in the car waiting at the starting line before the top set of lights track lights emitted language five red lights went out in the light language signal, while the five red lights go out will mean the start of F1 races.

When the communication start of the race F1 race five red lights go out words appeared the moment, the car will immediately rushed out of the starting line. Out of the starting line of cars at the starting line on a large 6-speed that can speed 305 km / h, and then the car is starting to go the bottom of the T1 line segment curve.

“On”-shaped track starting with the T1 line segment at the bottom of an uphill section between the bend, which means that when the car starting position to grab the car running good or bad game, and turn the car over T1 is a very important . If a driver errors when starting, not only affect the car had the car running T1 bend position qualifying race has advantages and disadvantages of the time, but also may affect the driver after the race finished in qualifying places.


Bend the car before reaching the track 

T1, 5-speed foot down and brake retreated 234 kilometers / hour speed right cornering, overtaking the car in the T1 has the opportunity to point bending. Then the car came to a head-continuous composite right – left – left turn (T2-T4), before and after the continuous curve has a vertical drop of 12 meters, T1 bend and right (T2) – left (T3) belong to the same continuous curve Lo linear shrinkage curve, the radius is R = 93.90 ? contraction is R = 31.8 meters. Drivers over the continuous composite right – left – should be particularly careful when left corner, the car’s balance is correct to grasp, lack of bounce and turn would make the car go off the best line of the car even in the slightest mistake bend, collided or ran wide. Bigfoot heavy driver brakes, the speed returned to 115 km 2 files / h over the first right turn tangent (T2), the next left turn (T3) car is 107 km / h cornering, the car and then a little later 3 files put the throttle to 156 km / h through a left turn after (T4).

Car cornering the compound in a row right – left – left turn and then continued to loose throttle acceleration, the following is a T5 to turn off. After racing through the corners to reach T5 T6 before bending speeds of up to 5 files 234 kilometers / hour. Then the car to cross the “on”-shaped track of the first chicane bend T6, T6 bend of the curve radius R = 18.70 meters. Drivers from around the hairpin at 100 meters when the big step on the gas deceleration profile retreated 102 km 3 / hour cutting corners. After racing out of the corners loose throttle acceleration is too long Bigfoot S bend, the car in the long S curve acceleration in the rate to 5 files sustainable 265 km / hour.

The following T9, T10 is a dual vertex bend at the compound curve, the car to downshift when cornering, especially over the first nine cars left corner, the car to turn over the compound is from 260 km / h gear 168 km to 3 files / h into the corners first to immediately after the car accelerated quickly to 225 emergency km / h, in the car to reach the peak before the second bend, and then slow down to 3 files 150 km / h in order to adopt the latter part of this more acute corners. T10 driver in the car driving the speed control of the corners is very important, Driving the car lost files on the section immediately accelerated, its speed will be difficult to play.

Turn off the car after a T10 at the speed of the main straight into a file to accelerate sustainable increases to 5 file 284km / h, the car arrived before the full brake deceleration T11 turn back 91 kilometers to 2 files / hour cut is a set of left (T11 ) – Right (T12) – Right (T13) a continuous spiral line broadening of the curve, its radius is R = 8.80 ? stretched to R = 120.55 meters. Turn left after the car into the corners, this section of the meandering channel is not very flat, the car for 3 file to 168 km / hour speed, close to the left of the Curb through the flood of right-handers, the car again accelerate to 210 km / hour speed, and then the right side of the track will be close to the car from sliding to the left corner and continue to accelerate in the corners to the corners of the 4-speed 249 km / h at the speed of the T13 right turn. This section of the speed control in the lap of drivers is very important, the driver must be the highest possible speed out of the corners to the next section is the “on”-shaped track up to the big straight road (1.175 km) improve performance on the car in the large line speeds of up to 6-speed lane of 327 km / hour. This series of cornering quite exciting process of the car before reaching the large straight-side, the drivers on the corners, and shift the timing of the tangent point of control is very important, which is driving the car on the driver-control technology stringent test.


T14 big line at the bottom of the curved road is the “on”-shaped bend in the narrowest part of the track 

the most dangerous hairpin bend, the curve radius R = 10.07 meters. 6-speed car to 327 km / h at a rate of about 100 meters away from the chicane to be shift to the 2 files slow down 88 km / h tangent into the corners, slightly accelerated the car and then the right side of the Curb will be close to Turn left out of the car sliding thrown (T14), then 88 km 2 files / h into the T15 tangent curve. Since this is a slow road area, the car passed easily ricochet skid or understeer, resulting in the reduction of pressure loss, easily lead to driver control the car deviates from the offset alignment of the car, so that point the car into the corners and therefore missed to enter the buffer zone red rubble. After starting the car section of curved sections of the folder is “on”-shaped track and a passing point, and have a hairpin bend after racing 88 km to 2 files / h bend over immediately after the T15 gear acceleration to 225 km / hours, to face the “on”-shaped curved track last a T16.

If drivers want in the “on” shaped track ran out of good lap times, have been good this last one turn. The car had 225 km / hour speed will slow down to 3 files shift 181 km / h tangent into the corners. To near full throttle racing through the corners, the driver must also be possible with the most speed out of the corners. Only in this way, the car ran up the track to play in the (final) line of straight road where the speed when you get the highest. This is all the drivers on both a challenge and an opportunity to seize the win machine. Out of the corners at full throttle after the car’s speed to Zeyi from the (final) point line speed rush to complete the circle of the running game.


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