Small Chinese: confident win all remaining games under McLaren on track

Posted on 21 June 2019

Hamilton, the British genius Xinxinbaopeng in an interview today. He believes that even now their in the drivers’ standings 88 points behind the German driver Vettel, but as long as they win the rest of the season all eight Grand Prix, and then won the championship is not an impossible task.


NEW YORK, August 15 reported:

This yearF1The first half can be said Red Bull driver Vettel world, but in the last two races McLaren have swept the championship, showing a good recovery. Thus, despite the advantages of Vettel indestructible, but the genius of Hamilton, the British still believe in his past eight races remaining in the still very opportunity.

Recently, a small Chinese in an interview expressed confidence for the championship. “I have 88 points from Vettel distance, but this (championship) is not an impossible task.” Hamilton told the “Daily Star” reporter, “Unfortunately, no extra game , but not something we can not be completed for a driver, he can also be left up to the game scored 200 points, I believe I can do this. ”

Hamilton is clearly their own self-confidence too far, in the next eight races to win in all sound like rhetoric. But it is undeniable that McLaren’s momentum is quite good recently, Germany and Hungary championship points were Han and Barton small planes away. The previous race winner Vettel, also dating back to June 26 the European Grand Prix.

However, even in all the races in the next win, Hamilton will not necessarily take home the championship. Because, as long as each race to keep Vettel finished second over all results will be sure to win the season championship. Even playing a few nap, only a few races to finish third by the fourth, he can finally win. After all, he’s leading edge is very large, as long as the crash does not appear such an accident, the champion is very safe.


Hamilton is now just look to the future

“I think in the final of the Brazilian Grand Prix, you will see that we scramble for the championship picture. I can not wait looking forward to the arrival of the Belgian Grand Prix. Our progress has caught up, you can be seen from our victory and I won the German Grand Prix, and set a fastest lap speed, Barton in Hungary also gains the title. the car is the momentum, you We look at two races of the qualifying performance was how well you know.


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