Super Girl An open too fast and racing experience Cry Qi nearly distress

Posted on 20 June 2019

20, “Automotive and Sports” magazine, near the airport in Beijing held a “F3 car will be a new experience.” Super Girl organizers invited the new division champion, to race through signing day concurrent film entertainment media to experience the safety and Qi.


According to organizers 

the reason why they Qi An invitation to experience the fun of racing is mainly because of her own character and the activities are consistent. Also in 2004, An Qi, a very popular TV show “Super Girl” took first place, the top speed record company signed and released their first album. These are the characteristics of vigorous and resolute and F3 car much like the magazine safety and first thought the invitation to participate in the activities Qi.

Put the car in the field of security services and Qi style really is quite a race car driver, driver’s license has been made more than a year, she began to hear the news from the Rapture, but the live performance of An Qi and it appears that she does not own drive better.


Safety and Qi driving a nice little car 

very proud of. “From an entry I spotted Zheliang beautiful car, but worried that it would be miserable in his hands.” In the case of a coach, sparring, safety and Qi open to themselves, but the strong request of her coach to allow it into business for myself to see. Who knows, the “tragedy” occurs, a safe and Qi large throttle acceleration, the steering wheel of a skid, the car suddenly drove a big high-slope, and stopped halfway down the slope. The presence of this scene to be scared all staff, and everyone quickly ran to the accident occurred, who knows, security and Qi himself from the car came out, everyone laughed and also to put out a “Victory” gesture, Little Women is not only not been scared yet hooked. But well aware of “serious consequences” of her road to the staff again and again I’m sorry. “Today too exciting, but we are really sorry scared.” Said her embarrassed smile.


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