Terrible accident destructive fighting force Polish Kubica back on track early next year

Posted on 22 June 2019

Renault driver Kubica That is the beginning of a serious car accident over the pain and almost brought his career, a devastating blow, he believes he will be able to get fully recovered, drove onto the track season opener 2012 .

For many drivers like the big nose of people, Kubica pulled out of this season is undoubtedly a difficult to heal wounds, so they are more worried is that in February of that market rally crash Kubica almost nullified an arm, so he can return to the track that became a huge question mark.


Five months later 

Kubica himself that question mark that can be removed. When asked whether he could return to the track next year when the Poles answered without hesitation: “can.”

While in that terrible accident, Kubica an arm tendon and nerve has been severely hurt, but he does not think the injury will have him back on track after the impact of his performance, he even said He now seems to feel that accident did not happen.

He said: “I do not think my performance on the track will be affected, for that game, I have no memory, I can only aware of the consequences of that accident, so for me, It’s like never happened.

Introduce their rehabilitation in a specific situation, Kubica is very easy, he said: “In physical terms, I am still a little bit weak, but overall, my situation is very good and my weight has returned to normal levels, In the past few weeks, I have been able to walk independently. Overall, I feel very good. ”

“The situation I am satisfied with the progress and restore the expected development, fortunately did not encounter complications that may affect recovery. To draw a clear timetable for the return too early, but the important thing is the ultimate results rather than how fast. ”


This season, with innovative aerodynamic design 

especially in the exhaust tail wind systems, Renault seems to be out of the woods, the team’s two drivers submarine Rumsfeld and Petrov currently secure in the first row in the drivers eight, ninth. But when asked about his prospects for next year’s title race, Kubica cautioned that the team needs to look at research and development of the car, look at next season’s test team’s performance.

He said: “(Is there any hope the title race) we have to wait until 2012 for the first test.”

Although the German driver Nick Heidfeld Robert Kubica is currently occupying the original position, but Kubica will return to the track on their own teams for that effect without any hesitation.

He said: “is still a Lotus – Renault driver, of course, can not race this season, I worried about, but I feel my team’s work has still not ended.”


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