The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Review

Posted on 16 August 2019

I know very little about The Hulk, other than the facts that he is a big green guy that smashes things, and his movie SUCKED. Hey, Ang Lee, I want my eight bucks and two hours of my life back. Fortunately, Ultimate Destruction is NOT affiliated with Ang Lee in any way, shape or form. And for that we are truly blessed. 


Game Features:

Play as the Hulk through several expansive environments 

Over 100 destructive moves to learn 

NOT based on the movie 

Top notch voice acting 

Tons of special features to unlock 

Six memory slots 

1 Player only

It seems Bruce Banner is finally sick of turning into the jade giant every time someone makes him angry. And you don’t want to make him angry… you won’t like him when he’s angry. Teaming up with a longtime friend, he sets out to build a machine that will wipe the Hulk out of his body forever. He’ll need parts to build said machine, and what better way to get them than to transform into the Hulk and steal them! Naturally, the flimsy plot is just an excuse to unleash the Hulk into several destructible environments and let all hell break loose. 


The Hulk is modeled after the Grand Theft Auto series. You’ve got a couple of big cities to roam around in as you wish, and the game allows you to either complete missions to advance the story, or just wander around, beating up innocent civilians and damaging private property. While it’s fun to go around smashing stuff, sometimes you’ll be saddled with a "damage meter," which is similar to the wanted meter in GTA. Cause too much destruction, and an elite team of Hulk destroyers will take you out. Not to mention that when you damage buildings, they seem to “heal” over time, which leads to frustrating moments when you’re trying to demolish a building and you can’t do it fast enough. With a title like "Ultimate Destruction," you’d think the developers would allow, you know, DESTRUCTION. 


Then you have the mission mode. Mission mode is a mixed bag. You’ll get some predictable but fun “smash everything” assignments, where the goal is to create as much destruction as possible. Then there are the lame “escort” missions, where you’ll have to protect something for a certain time limit, such as a vital piece to Banner’s machine. Or a building. Seriously, you have to protect a BUILDING from an onslaught of tanks. Most boring escort mission EVER. For the most part, the missions are well balanced in difficulty, but occasionally you’ll run into one that just sucks the fun out of the game with its frustrating difficulty. 


Causing destruction in the game earns you “Smash Point”, which you can use to purchase new moves for the big guy. There are over 100 moves to buy, which may seem overwhelming at first, but the game manages to pace itself well enough that by the time you earn enough points for a new set of moves, the previous moves you learned will have become second nature. Button combinations unleash devastating combos, while certain moves performed when Hulk is in “Atomic” mode will literally destroy everything around him. The only quibble I have with the controls is that there is no way to customize the control scheme. 


The graphics are decent enough. The Hulk and other major characters are well detailed, but everything else, from the environment to NPCs are noticeably low poly. But with the vast environments and the number of enemies on screen, this is forgivable. What isn’t forgivable is the framerate issues that show up when there are multiple enemies and explosions on screen. The lousy camera doesn’t help matters either, with it’s clumsy controls and ability to give you a terrible view of the action at the worst possible moment. Often during the game, you may destroy something that causes smoke to billow everywhere, including the screen, actually blinding you from seeing what is going on. And usually by the time the smoke clears, Hulk has taken some damage from enemies that are able to see through the smoke as clear as day. 


The audio side of the game comes out better than the graphics, with some good, if over the top, voice acting. From the Hulk to the random cop screaming in terror, there was nothing irritating to be found in the vocal department. The sound effects are also well done, which is important, considering how much mayhem the Hulk causes when he strolls into town. The music, when used, is not terribly memorable, but since it’s usually drowned out by the ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION, it is not an issue. 


The game features some great unlockables. As Hulk wanders around each environment, he can find comic books in hard to find nooks within the city. Each book unlocks something in the Gallery section, from the tame, such as comic book covers, to the awesome, like a documentary about the making of the game. Finding each comic book is a tough task to undertake, and will be the main draw for players to come back after they’ve finished the main story line. 

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Ultimate Destruction doesn’t quite deliver everything that was promised, but it is still a fun game to blow off some steam with. What better way to get over your boss calling you a moron than to take on the entire army? Even if you’re not a fan of the big green giant, you should still give Ultimate Destruction a try. After all, it’s not easy being green… or Ang Lee.


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