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Posted on 09 April 2019

The appearance of the new Mazda 3 Pictures. Test drive models: the new Mazda 3 2.0 Luxury Automatic

Test Drive line: Stadium Road – on the pond elevated – Gou Wan Road Exit – Good Luck Road – backtrack

Malaysia 3 first sight, I suddenly thought of a horse 6. The two cars both front car, there are somewhat similar. Rather, like a new horse 3 horse 6 slightly reduced. In fact, the new 6 Ma 3 and Ma dimension difference is not large, wide and high and the wheelbase, and several other figures are very close, that is, Malaysia 3 short 13 cm. The choice of tires, too, are 205/55R16's. Horse 3 was first to market in 2003, said bad reputation in Europe. In order to meet the Europeans about the Japanese habit of filler designed specifically to the right in the car, not the Japanese car has always been to keep to the left.


The new Mazda 3 

This is the face of sports car came out. Before the announcement the price, manufacturers, distributors have been sparing no effort to publicize the performance and handling of the car. Now the car seems to look for people like maneuvering speed, driving like high morale. From which it seems to seek to this: Mazda the new car market positioning, on a young body, and is just the kind of young man out of school soon. If only they will only be passionate, energetic. Ferrari is their ultimate pursuit, but only in the pictorial and sleep on close contact with them; Subaru Impreza soul-stirring, but the young people out of school early, even though by all means buy a vehicles, it may not afford expensive day to day repairs and maintenance. Mazda is longing for Ferrari, the pursuit of Subaru, but Qiaobu Shang Mei Renbao young man, ready for the next new Mazda 3.


From the side it seems, quite similar to Malaysia 3 is quite a sports car, the front stretch and elegance extends to the A pillar to slow. After a B pillar, the sharp decline, screeching close to the luggage compartment at the short, and made a slight bend, and the following generous bumper, forming a trend echoed. It now appears that the reason is because the extended four-door body, the machine lid not appear slim, which if designed as a single-door, extended the first part, the new 3 horse just like a sports car to the.


6 horses before and after the lights its very close

Not only commendable style, and the body with quite harmonious. Malaysia retained the Mazda 3 in recent years the family has been a consistent front end, to clear authentic origin, increase brand awareness. This style, we in Malaysia 6 and Premacy, Familia body, already quite familiar.

Enjoy the finished appearance of the car, then the afterlife. The test drive the main road in Hangzhou and the urban-rural roads.


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Accelerate the feeling: the initial speed can be a little taste of sports car. Speed is not the ideal medium, such as 80 kilometers per hour when the re-acceleration, looks bloated. This is, from the maximum output torque appears in the 4500 r / min, will be able to give evidence. When I test, the most reluctant to use the vocabulary that is being posted back, because that is a difficult thing to quantify, it is only my personal feelings, subjective too. Is a small side step on the throttle a little hard, there will be a sense of the so-called stick back. The key is not willing to see you are willing to step on the gas out. Zheliang 3 is the electronic throttle and Malaysia, although this technology is not new stuff, but it was indeed sensitive. Can be observed from the tachometer, the engine speed increase very agile.

However, this is a 2.0 displacement engine, or commendable. Impression of the models were made, to have this performance really is not much for speed.


New Mazda 3 interior

Attention to sports car handling. Malaysia 3 direction, appropriate use of the electro-hydraulic power, and its a good fit. The direction of the operation, not only very light, also called a technical content. A short test drive, so I feel a new horse is very comfortable and the suspension 3, this comfort is not the so-called soft suspension, it should be said to be just right. If this feeling is true, then there is no doubt that the new owner of 3 horses who enjoy the comfort at the same time, lose some sports performance. But the test drive, the new horse is worth 3 cheers handling performance.

Malaysia 3 of ground clearance is only 121 mm, 137 mm compared with 6 horses a lot shorter. Lower center of gravity, the player must applaud, however, can play some driving action at the same time, after a slowdown that pier with Chinese characteristics, do watch out, even though Malaysia has a good 3, the bottom of the protective plate.

Malaysia 3 sitting on the driving bit, so I was almost an illusion, that it is in the car: a barrel-type instrument, with three-spoke steering wheel audio controls, and it looked a strong sense of the car, which impact on your the nerve, so you immediately have a driving desire. In the test drive, I was being driven to such a desire, foot down, this feeling is really great. If it were not accompanied in the side of caution dealers and frequent reminders, this feeling may be more perfect.

Malaysia 3 front row seat package, comfort and support of, are very good. Not the back seat is narrow, especially the head space, is not depressed.

Luggage storage is not small, the cover opening large enough. However, manufacturers also made a program: you can easily fold flat rear seat with luggage compartment to form a plane, increasing the load space. Young couple long-distance travel is no problem.

Ford entered the Chinese mainland after the products have been relatively prosperous. The Ford to Mazda’s betrothed to the Changan in Chongqing, the production of new horse 3, the FAW-Mazda sales. As consumers, from the family car only hope Zheliang sports car transformed into a new horse 3, which focus on driving pleasure to meet friends.


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