Commandos 2: Men of Courage

Posted on 11 September 2019

A classic for the real-time tactic aficionados

Here’s a real time tactics game that’s probably familiar to the millennials reading this but not so much to the generation Z. Commados 2 was arguably the best game in the series created by Pyro Studios. It was released in 2001 as a sequel to the Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. As a kid I loved the game for its interactive style and the possible myriad of ways to complete a mission.

Out of the 4 real time tactics games in the series, Commandos 2 had the most number of missions (counting the bonus missions as well) and the most number of in game characters which players could control. The game is set in the 2nd world war period where players have to complete missions using one or several “Commandos” in Nazi controlled Europe as well as in Japanese outposts in Asia. The campaign starts with 2 training missions which do not portray the tone of the actual missions at all. Training missions are way (waaay) easy compared to the actual missions from the storyline.

Once you complete the first and the second missions (Night of the Wolves and Das Boot, Silent Killers correspondingly) you will get a real taste of what’s in the store for the next couple of missions until you end the story with “Is Paris Burning”; which has all the Commandos including their loyal Bull Terrier, Whiskey. (Yes! There is a dog Commado as well!)

Throughout the missions, players get to control 9 characters. Namely; Green Beret, Sniper, Diver, Saper, Driver, Spy, Seductress, Thief and the Bull Terrier. The game has over 100 tools, weapons, etc that can be used by one or many characters. Although some characters (like the “Driver”) might feel redundant, there are at least a couple abilities or tools unique to every character. Personally my favourite was the Diver (or “Fins” his actual name). Probably because he was an amphibian commando and certainly because he could throw knives to kill stealthily! Every mission has a bonus mission which you can access by collecting all the pieces of a photo which are scattered across the map. Bonus missions are sometimes prequels or sometimes random separate mission. “Saving Private Smith” has quite a memorable bonus mission which is a prequel to the main mission. It’s a bit tricky to find all the photo pieces for this, yet it’s worth it.

The background music in the game is just breathtaking. Each and every mission has its unique and thrilling soundtrack. Although you’ll notice some major graphic glitches throughout the game, for something that came out in 2001 the graphics are way above average. The game is meant to be played stealthily, preferably with no alarms going off. The creators have provided more than enough tools to do so, to their credit. One major drawback in the gameplay is the availability of unorthodox “shortcuts” you can use to win the game. But in all fairness, if you’ve played any of the Assassin’s Creed games you’re all too familiar with the phrase; “The alarm won’t go off, there’s nobody to ring the alarm”. To really enjoy the game I suggest playing it the way intended by the creators. No shortcuts, no alarms just patience and timing to complete the objectives stealthily.

All in all, Commandos 2 is a must to try out, if you’re a fan of real time tactics gaming. The next time you’re in the mood for a classic, be sure to check out Commandos 2: Men of Courage. If you enjoyed this post, go ahead and give it a share on Facebook. Peace!


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