F1 Abu Dhabi station Saturday Practice: Red Bull is still

Posted on 25 May 2019

2010 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix championship final station 

At the end of the third free practice.Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber taking the first two, lead up to half a second Red Bull car. McLaren driver Fernando Alonso Lewis Hamilton ahead of the third front, Ferrari won the drivers championship to put a question mark.

The practice session until 30 minutes before entering the state. The two Red Bull drivers occupy the top two one up, Vettel and Webber were 8 laps completed a test run and 7 laps, Vettel 252 in 1 minute 41 seconds lead, 0.3 seconds behind Webber. McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button finished 5 laps and 9, respectively, lap trial run, after the two drivers behind Red Bull.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo also came to Abu Dhabi 

The total actually went to Mongolia Mercedes repair in person, the greetings of the former military adviser Ross – Brown and Lord – Michael Schumacher. Brown shook hands and embraced with the Mongolian general, Schumacher was sitting in the car wearing a helmet, so simply shook hands. Schumacher’s ranking was ranked eighth.

Ferrari playing time late in the countdown until 10 minutes before Alonso made speeding lap after lap McLaren came in fifth place, half a second behind Red Bull. Massa 0.7 seconds behind in its flight circle ranked eighth. At this point Montezemolo has returned to Ferrari garage, put on headphones monitor the performance of the team. Alonso’s first 10 laps in the personal record high, the distance between the narrow and Sebastian Vettel to 0.2 seconds.

Sebastian Vettel on lap 5 minutes countdown to 1 minute and 41 seconds of 142, ahead of Alonso 0.3 seconds. Weber immediately responded, lap elevated to only .011 seconds behind teammate. The two McLaren drivers are accelerating, Hamilton over Alonso, but still 0.3 seconds behind the Red Bull. Barton is tracked behind Alonso, differing only in 0.1 seconds. Only difference between the top five drivers 0.436 seconds.

The final sprint lap, Vettel to lap up to 1 minute 40 seconds of terror 696, leading Weber 0.133 seconds. Hamilton ranked third, but reached .584 seconds behind the Red Bull, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button came in fourth and fifth place. Barton was the last lap ran wide, or he is likely to more than Alonso. Saturday practice results have proved that Red Bull can not be beat, and McLaren’s Fernando Alonso in the championship for the rise is very terrible.


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