F1 team completed the first round of the Pirelli tire test the new Ferrari temporary leader

Posted on 15 June 2019

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year’s winter testing F1 finale in the 2010 season, held in Abu Dhabi F1 Elias terminal end of a four-day track test. The new test in the previous two days, Red Bull teenager Daniel – Ricardo RB6 car driving rule the track. After two days in the Pirelli tire test, the Ferrari driver Felipe Massa and Alonso made the day were the fastest.

The four-day round of winter testing, 11 16 and 17 is the new 21 drivers driving the car this season, the team’s test. In the November 19 and 20, is serving the main drivers of the team driving the car this season with the new Pirelli tire test the new tires.


F1 Grand Prix season in 2010 

just two days after the end of each F1 team to support non-stop circuit in Abu Dhabi Terminals Elias began preparations for 2011 season. Each team two days before the test of time young drivers, which was the most eye-catching Red Bull is just 20 years old Australian teenager Daniel – Ricardo, who were ranked in the two-day test in the first day, the fastest lap 1 minute 39 seconds, respectively 616 102 and 1 minute and 38 seconds, the next day’s performance than the new division world champion Sebastian Vettel F1 pole position in Abu Dhabi before the lap 1.3 seconds faster.

After two days of this winter test is a test for Pirelli tires, which also marked the formal exit F1 Japanese Grand Prix, Bridgestone tires stage, the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli will succeed Bridgestone 2011 F1 season Grand Prix exclusive tire supplier. Pirelli is the first large-scale testing has brought public two tires, respectively, in the soft tires and soft tires, with each team using four sets of tires per day, free to choose the teams to test tires for the tire collection item data.blog



From the two-day test situation

Italy with the Ferrari is clearly more suitable for the Italian “nationality” of the Pirelli tires, the two Ferrari drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso were 170 in 1 minute and 1 minute 40 seconds 529 lead 40 seconds, two test days. Driving for the first time Pirelli tires equipped with F1 racing, each driver has a different feel. Brazilian driver Felipe Massa that the hard tires Pirelli tires more serious recession, while the soft Bridgestone tire’s performance is more than well, he said: “The harder the tire models that formula a serious degradation. I am very satisfied with the soft tires, It’s fast lap times, rates of degradation is also very satisfactory. two formulations long runs I have done a soft tire may be better than we used last Sunday’s Bridgestone tires. ”

F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel new division solely on behalf of the Red Bull completed a two-day test, the German people expressed their views on the new tires, he said: “Given the Pirelli preparation time is very short, so they made a good job. We need more time to adapt to the tire, you need to re-tune the car, in general, the performance of the tire is better than expected. ”

Thus, the 2010 race season, and open all the test have been the end of each branch F1 Team will enter a truce period of adjustment. According to the provisional calendar released by the FIA before the 2011 F1 season opener will be March 13 at the Bahrain International Circuit officially started.


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