Ferrari deny that the “disposal” Dell 2011 will usher in

Posted on 18 June 2019

Alonso wrong choice for the 15th lap championship come to naught. AP Ferrari technical director Aldo – Costa denied that the team will dispose of ending points leader Chris tactical error – Dell (Chris Dyer).

8-point lead with Alonso finishing up a decisive battle was thought certain to win, the result as the team’s tactical errors and missed the championship, the drivers championship and eventually became a yellow beam of a dream.

Although Ferrari have so far not publicly who the decision was issued, but now all are pointing the finger of blame Ferrari’s chief engineer / tactical makers – Chris Dell. According to the contents of Ferrari’s radio show on the 15th lap Alonso’s decision is indeed made by Australians.

Italian magazine “Autosprint” 11 ? 24 in an article entitled “Ferrari focus on the rectification? “The article said,” Chris Ferrari tactics makers – Dell brought to ‘dock’ is not a secret. In 2010, Ferrari’s tactics Fan Yun is also a twice. “

 Italian media quoted a subsequent respondents Alonso recent remarks, that Spaniards have begun to Ferrari satisfied with the level of bad tactics.

”Alonso recent interview, also expressed the same view, he said, ‘We need not only to improve our car, but must also ensure that our drivers and teams as the mistakes do not repeat in 2011. This is Alonso made the first criticism of the team. In, he has been there for the team on the defense of human error. Alonso’s requirements may be met, because now he is the true soul of the team, Ferrari knows it point. “” Autosprint “in the paper wrote.

”Autosprint” has been very straightforward report suggests that Ferrari will be some people in the head because this “move.” But recently, Ferrari technical director Aldo – Costa told another Italian media – “La Repubblica” in an interview to be a comprehensive Shique denied this.

”I do not support the kind of mechanical ‘mistakes – convictions – punishment’ management style.” Costa said, “I prefer a rational response. Admit error – parse error – correct the error.”

Italy stressed: As a team, simply pass the buck to one person is wrong. And as leader Domenicali, Costa also missed the title that Ferrari is not simply because of the tactics the last leg of mistakes; the overall vision should be the full year – that is, not as rivals Ferrari car fast.

”We can not put the responsibility resting on the shoulders of one person. But anyway, we are not lost because of the tactics of Abu Dhabi champion, but because our car is not fast enough.” Costa said.

On next year’s car, Costa believes F10's successor will be more powerful, since it was revealed that Ferrari now he has entered the fast lane, he called the transition year in 2010.

”This year we have effectively reduced the gap with the Red Bull.” Costa said, “we have done is to improve our working methods, which means that there is an adjustment period; but also for some of our old paid the price for the wind tunnel . But now we have solved the problem, a new era is opening. “Costa said.

Tactical Leader Chris Ferrari – Dell (Chris Dyer) is now under immense pressure.


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