Hand to enjoy the crazy fashion fun to drive car

Posted on 19 June 2019

Nowadays, many of my friends will use mobile phones in their free time to play games, it has become fashionable. However, various games, racing games is undoubtedly one of the most popular. With the rapid development of science and technology, and now the phone has a large gravity sensing and touch screen. This allows those who love crazy racing game with friends, because gravity sensor can simulate the real good feeling of the steering wheel, allowing you to experience real driving pleasure the kind of racing. At the same time you walk in the forefront of fashion.

Well, today several Xiaobian recommended for everyone with gravity sensing and play racing game for mobile phones.


Apple iPhopne 4

Apple iPhopne 4 is equipped with a 3.5-inch IPS display materials, display effect to the force (Everyone knows), equipped with the latest version of iso 4, support multitasking. Behind the set with a 500 million pixel camera, imaging results are very satisfactory.


iso System – Urban GT 5

Apple iphone4 all phones should be the most suitable for playing games, because the excellent level of hardware and rich software applications in the back support. Especially the racing games like need for gravity sensing and excellent quality of the game, then play with Apple iphone4 to better enjoy the driving pleasure.


Nokia N8

That Nokia N8, had thought it was to force the 12 million-pixel camera, equipped with a professional xenon flash, camera capabilities very well, in addition to support for 720P HD video. A 3.5-inch touch screen has a very good effect. Symbian ^ 3 smart touch system provides a good experience, Bluetooth, WIFI and other functions are also readily available.


Saipan System – Urban GT 5

Nokia N8 designs to provide a racing game to play with more convenience, both ends of the shape of a slight tightening inward, it is convenient to hold the mobile phone users at both ends with both hands, grip the steering wheel as the same as when playing racing games more realistic.


Meizu M9

Meizu M9 is equipped with a 3.5-inch ASV screen display is very good, comparable with Apple iphone4. The machine uses a system based on Android OS v2.2 for the secondary development of the system, the interface on a larger UI changes. Also built a 500 million pixel camera, the overall performance is to the force.


Android system – Reckless Racing reckless racing

Meizu M9 with powerful hardware configuration to ensure that its excellent game play experience, such as reckless Reckless Racing 3D racing game that is not a problem to run down completely, but rather to the power of touch operation, interested friends may wish to try.


Android system – Asphalt 6 FireWire chase

Motorola ME722 (Milestone II), in terms of hardware than the first generation has been greatly improved and thus play the 3D games more smoothly. Because it is both physical touch can also use the keyboard, so when playing racing games the user can control their own habits to select, use the play would be more gravity sensing the feeling of the steering wheel, while using the keyboard, they would have more similar console operations, is very convenient.


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