Vettel is expected to break the single-season record

Posted on 19 June 2019

Vettel could remain in the season to break a record for nearly 20 years, if successful, he will become a season in F1 history to obtain the largest number of pole driver.

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel won the season eight races, most of them come in pole position. The ongoing 2011 season, 13 races, Red Bull monopoly of all sub-station pole position, Vettel is one of the 10 sequence of the grid to win the chance, this is a very alarming figure.

The current season only six sub-stations, Vettel has basically been locked in the championship, he is likely to become the youngest champion in F1, it seems that Vettel is waiting for a another record, in addition to title , the German teenager is also possible to break this single season record for the most number of pole position.


The current record is in by the British driver

Wan Russell played with Williams in 1992 when the creation, Wan Sale 16 in 1992 points to win the race in pole position 14, only in Canada and Hungary, Englishman missed the pole position, course, year, million Searle easily won the championship.

Now, if Vettel can continue in the next six races and then won the pole position five times, he will break Wan Searle’s record, even won the pole position four times, he also tied the record for This, Vettel looked very humble, he believes, even if he can break the record Wan Sale, F1 history, the best ranking hand will continue to be the late racing champion Ayrton Senna.

Vettel said: “Of course, if a record is a good thing, but I think the history of F1 racing on the best ranking is Elton John – Senna Senna pole position, though not a single season, most drivers, but he was able to maintain a continuous two or three seasons the average pole position to win more than 10 excellent results, so he is in this area the best driver. ”

In addition to pole position is expected to break records 

Vettel is also likely to be F1's highest single-season scoring drivers, race winner this season, a score of 25, the season of 12 races, drivers can get up to 300 points, while the Vettel is currently 259 points, which means that Germany’s score is the highest score of 87%, while the previous record in the 2002 season, Schumacher maintained by 84.71%, if based on this momentum continues, Vettel Schumacher also can break the record.


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