Indy race as the world’s first high-risk events killed had refused

Posted on 24 June 2019

Indy car racing is a competition venue, with the World Championships. The racing originated in the United States, formerly the American Automobile Association-sponsored tournament. 1978 by 18 IndyCar team co-founded the “Indy Championship Racing Team Ltd”, established a series of organized racing event management, has developed unique rules of the game. 1979 organized the first game, as not under the jurisdiction of the International Automobile Federation’s motor racing. The huge prize money, 2008, Ganassi Racing driver Scott Dixon of New Zealand won the first time, he received a bonus of up to $ 2,988,065.

Indy car racing likeF1But each race, the participating vehicles more, yesterday morning’s game in Las Vegas have 34 cars to participate, in addition, there is competition with the female driver and male drivers racing games. In fact, because the longer straight Indy track, F1 racing faster than the speed, the risk is very high.

15 cars crash tragic accident occurred! Beijing yesterday morning, the United States Indy racing car crash happening again tragedy Danweierdun British driver was killed, a third in less than 10 years were killed in the Indy racing circuit.

For Wilton’s sudden death, Hamilton, Jenson Button and other F1 drivers have expressed feeling of regret, “This is a sad moment, he is a pioneer in the UK sector of the driver, I can say is along the his feet forward. “Hamilton said.


Car chain collision - British driver was killed

The game was held in Las Vegas, is the season of IndyCar’s season-ending war. Tragedy in the game’s first 11 laps, 34 cars were on the runway at high speed in the game with. As the two cars collided at the turn of the wheel suddenly turned, driving the No. 77 car in time to avoid the Wilton did not result after a total of 15 cars piled up in a serious accident occurs, including Wilton, including more than the car was knocked into the air. There are four drivers in the accident injuries require hospitalization, the most seriously wounded of Wilton which was taken to hospital for treatment, but died soon came the bad news. It is reported that the car speed when the accident occurred largely in excess of 220 km.

Race driver Patrick said: “The crash scene like a disaster film, you can smell the thick smoke, scattered on the track to make the car spare parts, some parts are still burning, black smoke.” Cloth, another driver risco said: “I have never witnessed such a scene is terrible.”


After the accident, many race drivers and spectators and staff of Wilton’s death shed tears, IndyCar racing organizers and immediately decided to end this race, the drivers to cherish the memory of Wilton, driving onto the race again Road and travel five laps.


He is a talented driver and had refused to campaign to F1

This is a Wilton 134th driving towards the track, but it is also the last time. Indy racing as one of the few British, aged 33, grew up in racing Danweierdun demonstrated extraordinary talent. In 1999, the family is difficult to support him in the European game, Wilton came to the United States, and in the IndyCar Series events, break their own piece of the sky. In 2005, the Wilton team on behalf of NASCAR Gan NASDAQ season and won the Indy 500 IndyCar Series race two winner, this year he won the Indy 500 champion.


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It is worth mentioning that after winning in 2005, Wilton, and then BMW had been in contact, is expected to become the team’s test driver. When the year when he hopes to become an official test driver after the driver, but BMW does not guarantee to meet his demands, so he chose to stay in the United States. Wilton was a minor celebrity in the United States, his salary is not low, when his annual salary of $ 2.7 million, plus $ 1 million total prize.


F1 the drivers sad. “Lost a legend.”

For Wilton’s sudden death, many F1 drivers heartbroken. Hamilton at the mention of this fellow, said: “This is a sad moment. Wilton is a good driver, he is a pioneer in the UK sector of the driver, I can say that all along he pace forward. He’s a very talented driver, as an Englishman, he not only participating in the U.S., but also to get the Indy 500 twice champion, he is a great pioneering spirit of people, each driver will express their respect for him. ”

Barton heard the news of the accident Wilton also expressed his grief, he had early in his career and Wilton play together. “That the news of his death was shocked, in the 1990s and Wilton with my game, we get along very well, but the playing field is to go fight in. He is a very good driver, we lost a legend. “Williams veteran Rubens Barrichello said:” Our friends in Wilton that the bad news, I was just off the plane, I will always remember him in Brazil and karting days, May he rest in peace. “Red Bull driver Mark Webber said:” I will remember the game in the UK with him the day, and I miss him. ”


Further Reading. IndyCar, The world’s first high-risk events

In 1994, when the Brazilian Ayrton Senna died after the F1 circuit, F1 was called the most dangerous sport, but the United States Indy racing driver but it has almost 10 times the mortality rate in the F1 drivers, Indy car racing is the world clearly The first high-risk game.

First, from the car itself, F1 racing the high cost of the car itself will determine the drivers are very strict protection measures, protection of air around the driver to ensure that drivers can be difficult in the severely injured after impact. The Indy Racing in the material is not the same as the F1 team at the cost of using high-performance composite materials, they are mainly based on solid, durable, inexpensive, mainly in ensuring the strength, minimize costs, the driver of the risk coefficient times also increase.

The more critical is, F1 racing is the competition on the track twists and turns, most of the time an F1 car because of excessive speed will turn to 100 km / h, and the Indy Racing is in the inward inclined to oval track, the maximum speed even close to 400 km / hour.

Of course, the most important thing is Indy racing circuit protection, the Indy Racing oval track within the buffer zone is not up to tens of meters, did not help slow down the retaining block and rubber tire group, India is only next to the track solid concrete wall. It can be said, a high-speed Indy car any time of the impact on the cement wall, will bring unimaginable consequences.

Until now, Indy car is not an exact death toll statistics, coupled with the unfortunate death of Wilton yesterday morning, the Associated Press a rough estimate is 73. Although the track is always to protect the walls, although F1 and Indy Racing Dakar did not cause the audience and staff killed in the tragedy, but the Indy racing the risk factor is the highest.


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