Pirelli Tyre F1 Team test Massa fastest on the first day

Posted on 25 June 2019

AP local time on November 19 in Abu Dhabi, F1 teams officially began on Pirelli tires provide the first test trial. Ferrari driver Felipe – Massa in 1:40.170 fastest results ranked on the first day, the Brazilians have been complaining about the tire heating up this year, the issue led to his qualifying difficult. Yesterday’s test, no doubt for his next season off to a good start.

Pirelli from 2011, replacing the new Bridgestone as F1 tire supplier exclusively. Italian company previously used the 2009 Toyota Racing TF109 shall complete the early stage of development of the tire test. Now the trial of the first tire available to the team test.


Pirelli bringing the total fleet of two formulations 

The soft and soft, each team can use 4 sets per day. Italian company does not provide test project, leaving the team free to choose tires for testing. The main tasks of the team testing: understanding the characteristics of the tire, and its 2011 model the aerodynamics and suspension settings to bring change.

Yas Marina track from the game on Sunday has been held after the end of the test, the road surface which is constantly changing; together, including the Lotus team revealed that they had the vehicle weight in accordance with the provisions of 2011 (minimum 640KG) to place the ballast thing, so simple to compare the number of turns and Bridgestone is meaningless.

Massa yesterday, the feeling is hard tire testing seriously degraded, but the soft tire performance may go beyond providing the super-soft Bridgestone tire last week.



Massa and engineers Smedley exchange experience

“Hard formula in a serious degradation, but not as fast as I expected.” Massa said, “As for the soft tires, I am very satisfied. It’s fast lap times, rates of degradation is also very satisfactory. I have two formulations done a long test, I tested a very good soft. may be better than we used Bridgestone on Sunday. ”

“Of course, having said that, they must take measures to improve the hardware they bring a recipe.” Alonso will take over the car today, to continue testing.

New world champion Sebastian Vettel is second in the transcript, the Germans also the first trial Pirelli product gave a positive assessment, he said: “Given the limited time Pirelli hand, I think they do excellent work. This is a good start, return to the cockpit is very nice. ”

“You need to be given time to adapt to the car tires. We need to adjust to adjust, but I think the common view is that the performance of the tire is very good, even better than many people expect.”

Sebastian Vettel on the Pirelli is a positive first impression, he was near the end of the test, the right rear wheel discouraged.

Sebastian Vettel in a test near the end, the right rear wheel discouraged. Pirelli race director Paul – Herm Burleigh (Paul Hembery) suspected to be caused by track debris, as previously used for testing the Toyota TF109, has never been a similar problem.

“Generally speaking, the running track is very dirty after six days. There will be a lot of debris on the road. We have started to notice there are some openings on the rear wheels. And not much trouble, we just want to find out what caused by something. “Paul – Herm Burleigh said.



Herm Burleigh discouraged that Sebastian Vettel’s right rear wheel caused by track debris.

Fifth ranked third transcript is: Gary Paffett (McLaren), Kobayashi (Sauber) and Kubica (Renault). One Kubica because of mechanical failure, only ran 39 laps. Poles for the test yesterday, there are two views, first phase last week as the track conditions at the race has changed greatly, compared with the numbers on the ring is basically meaningless, and the second, the current accumulation of rubber on the track the number has more than a normal race track. Therefore, from this test in terms of the fidelity of simulation is very limited.

“Difficult to compare, because our game is in 5 days ago. Because of the continuing accumulation of test and rubber, the track has undergone great change.” Kubica said. “I’m sure the track grip level, to considerably better than last week’s game.”

“So it makes to them is very difficult to compare – the actual comparison is meaningless really, the difference is too great.” Now just what next year’s car is a feature, master a ballpark. Our race weekend the track, never so much rubber, so actually I do not think this one how much that means, this is only a test. Many young drivers use a lot of sets of new tires! Although it is washed off the track yesterday, but I do not recognize, which is like a different track. ”

Williams driver Rubens – Barrichello sixth, is yesterday’s Brazilian test, the only Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear have had experience of the veteran. He said that Italy has yet to be carried out in-depth understanding of the company’s products.


Barrichello is the last test of the driver, the only Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear have had experience of the veteran.

“My first impression is positive.” Barrichello said in the closed car, “the track is different, I do not think now is the time to compare. But I think the tire performance is positive. I am ran 42 laps, all OK. It is different from Bridgestone, we need to continue to learn. ”

The remaining drivers test data, including the number of turns, see below. Tomorrow there will be a heavyweight debut drivers, that is, Michael – Michael Schumacher, 7 time winner of today’s team-mate Nico Rosberg ran 81 laps. Young Germans argued that the Italian company’s products installed after, MGP-W01 front tires grip the problem persists. His feeling is that the degradation of Pirelli very fast.



Pirelli brings the total of the two formulations for the team, each team can use 4 sets per day.

“(Degradation) is very ill.” Rosberg said that “if this is the effect they want, then for all the drivers are the same, no problem. Tires like this, always bring a more exciting race, so this may not be is a bad thing. “Today, F1 teams will test day.


November 19, 2010 Pirelli test results table

Pos Driver Team Laps results

1 Massa Ferrari 1:40.170 94

2 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull - Renault 1:40.500 77

3 Gary McLaren - Mercedes 1:40.874 94

4 Kobayashi BMW - Sauber - Ferrari 1:40.950 83


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